Not Sure What to Look for in an AC Contractor?

How to Choose the Right AC Contractor

When you need your HVAC system replaced or repaired, you will have to call a professional AC contractor, one that is licensed to work on your system. An HVAC specialist must have the right training, be insured, and have all the proper certifications which are in compliance with HVAC procedures, plus other qualifications. We, at Selsis Air Conditioning Corpus Christi in Corpus Christi, TX, have provided a few tips for people who live out of our area to choose the contractor to work on your HVAC system.

Speak to family members, friends, or neighbors for any referrals they may have. When you talk to them, ask why they needed to seek a contractor to begin with. This will provide you with a deeper understanding if that particular contractor is best suited for your needs. If you are unable to get referrals, look in local business directories for customer reviews. Never simply base your choice on how nice a contractor’s website is.

Check to see if your AC contractor has all the right licenses and certifications needed by your region. If you are unsure which licenses and certifications are needed, you should contact your local government official or representative for more information.

Choose contractors who are fully insured, this will ensure you are protected from any damage incurred. Verify if the contractor has a good rating, and a low volume of complaints using either a consumer affairs organization or by contacting the Better Business Bureau.

Ask your contractor for references from previous clients who they worked for in order to obtain feedback on their performance. if you have access to the Internet, research your HVAC contractor to find any customer testimonials.

Choose one that is willing to check your system before giving you estimates. A reputable contractor should look for any air leaks, air flow measure, and check your insulation to ensure all the components meet the guidelines, in addition to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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