Thinking of Becoming an HVAC Technician?

What Does an Apprentice AC Contractor Do?

An HVAC apprentice is an individual that is learning the trade, in order to become a fully qualified AC contractor. HVAC contracting is a highly skilled job, so people looking to become contractors must finish an educational program first or an apprenticeship. While in apprenticeship, the apprentice will attend both classroom training and work under the strict supervision of a more experienced technician. As is true in most cases, a new one will start by doing basic tasks,and observing their supervising contractor. Eventually, the apprentice will start to get more involved.

The process to become an HVAC technician does vary depending on the jurisdiction. In some areas, a technician needs to be licensed; however, in other areas, no licensing requirements are necessary, although unions could create qualifications for their members. Both licensing boards and unions state that all applicants must have hands on experience doing this type of work, and an apprenticeship is one of the best ways of doing this. Every union or licensing body sets its own standards for the term of an apprenticeship, in addition to the skills that must be learned. If an HVAC worker wants to be licensed to work within a specific area, they will be expected to pass an exam, plus provide proof of their time served as an apprentice.

These apprenticeships could be organized by union affiliates. An apprentice usually works for a contracting company, in addition to taking classes. They are usually provided via local community colleges and could meet once or twice per week. During these classes, the apprentice will be expected to learn how to properly read blueprints, how HVAC systems are designed and all safety rules. In most cases, part of the classroom training includes learning to safely work with refrigerants because there are laws and regulations on its use and how to safely dispose of it, which every HVAC contractor must comply with.

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