Troubleshooting a Malfunctioning Split-System Air Conditioner

Things That You Can Do on Your Own before Calling an Air Conditioning Repair Service Expert

The ugly truth is that even well-maintained air conditioners can develop problems on occasion. This happens mostly because there are many external factors that can influence the normal operation of an AC system. For instance, if the external unit is placed under direct sunlight, the heat pump may overhead and eventually fail. Another common thing that can make an air conditioner to stop working is the improper use of the remote control. Although the normal thing to do when an AC system is malfunctioning is to call an air conditioning repair service provider, there are several things that you can do on your own in order to troubleshoot the system.

Check for power
Power outages can make the air conditioner’s internal breaker trip. Obviously, your unit will not receive electricity until you reset the breaker. Some other common reasons for lack of electricity are cable or outlet problems. Sometimes, the cable that connects the outlet to your unit may be broken, torn, or chipped. The outlet itself can malfunction as well. So, check all these elements and make sure that electricity reaches your unit.

Reset the system
Each and every AC system can be restarted. However, in order to determine how to do that exactly, you may have to refer to the owner’s manual. On most systems, however, there is a reset button on the remote control that can be pressed with a needle. So, once you find your unit’s reset button, press it and wait until the unit reboots. This process will clear all previous settings from the system and will load the manufacture settings instead.

Inspect for loose, broken, or damaged parts
Another thing that you can do is to see if the internal components of the system are in good condition. Open up the front panel and look for loose belts, broken fans, or damaged components. We strongly suggest that you hire a professional air conditioning repair service provider to do the work in case you find anything.

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