Unsure about the Size of Your Ductwork?

What Are the Different Size Ducts an HVAC Contractor Can Work On?

HVAC ducts are large pipes which are run through the infrastructure of a house or building. They are connected to the main heating and cooling unit and transfer air to the entire building. To maintain air flow that allows every area in a building to be cooled or heated, the size must first be determined in some specific ways. These include something known as a Manual J method, which involves knowing a room’s temperature and using a ductulator to do specific calculations.

The layout of a home or building will play a large part in duct sizing. The size of a room which needs a duct has to be taken into account, in addition to the way ducts have to be installed within the walls. It is advisable to install ducts which are as short as possible; however, some buildings don’t allow for this. Calculating duct sizes, which is a unit’s physical capacity, means taking into account how long a duct needs to be given the design restrictions.

The first technique an HVAC contractor will use is the Manual J. This involves a computer program and the technical specs of a heating or cooling unit in order to determine the correct duct sizes in a building. This software is created to be technically accurate and take into account such things as airflow, the load size of the unit, and the design temperature of an area in question. This method was created by the ACCA, which is the Air Conditioner Contractors of America.

The second way will be used by homeowners attempting to do the sizing themselves. It means finding information like the ideal temperature in every room, the cubic feet per minute, and the average British thermal units of a HVAC system, in order to calculate the right sized ducts. The ducts design also plays a big part in figuring out what size they need to be.

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