What Is a Split Air Conditioning System?

Will an Air Conditioning Contractor Be Able to Work on Split Air Conditioning Systems?

A split HVAC system has two main components which are totally separate from one another, one is within a building, and the other is on the exterior of a building. Central air conditioning units are almost always split ones. There are also ones called mini split air conditioning units. These work similar, but unlike other, they do not need ductwork in order to send air. These came in single or cooling for numerous rooms, and are sometimes referred to as ductless air conditioning systems.

The two components for this type of system come with different functions. The unit which is on the exterior, referred to as a compressor, cools air and controls the condensation. This saves a homeowner from having to drain the water, which is created from the air conditioning inside a building. The interior unit, known as a blower, is the one responsible for carrying the air throughout the house. This is performed via a forced air technique, using a fan and ducts, which sends out cool air to every room in the house via a vent. An intake one will return the air into the unit.

For those people living in properties that do not have ducts or feel they don’t need to cool down each room in their house, a mini split air conditioning system is an excellent choice to go with. This is easier than trying to install duct work for a standard split air conditioning. There will be no need to worry about installing ducts, or cutting channels into your walls. These units work more efficiently than a window air conditioner, however, they do cost more to purchase. If you are not sure which one to go with, speak to your local air conditioning contractor for help and advice.

A mini system operates by installing an air conditioner in a room of your choice. Two lines will be connected to an exterior unit. It does need holes to be drilled into your exterior walls, however, no channels need to be made to run ducts.

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