What Is the Function of HVAC Coils?

When Will an HVAC Contractor Need to Replace the Coils?

An HVAC coil is a component found within an air conditioner and heating unit. There are in fact two of these coils. One is a condenser coil found in the external air conditioning condenser, and the other is an evaporator coil which is in the interior unit. They increase and decrease temperatures, and the pressure of coolant gas or liquid, before it is transferred to another part of the system.

To understand how these work, you need to first understand how HVAC works. In the summer months, a system extracts hot air into the units where it will be cooled and then distributed throughout a structure. In the winter months, a system will do the same with cold air where it then passes on the heated air through a series of ductwork. These coils have a vital role in this process.

The compressor in the outside unit pulls hot low pressure refrigerant gas from a structure and then changes it into hot and compressed gas. This is then pushed over the outside coil to be cooled off, as the hot air from a building is transferred to the outside. This loss of heat, though, changes the gas into liquid, which is extremely hot and pressurized. It is always recommended that anything to do with the internal workings of such a unit is best left to a professional HVAC contractor to repair.

The liquid will go into an evaporator coil, which is inside the unit. As this enters the evaporator coil, it then expands and cools. It will be cooler than the room air, so it will absorb heat from the ductwork, which is part of the system. This means cooler air will be distributed through a structure. As the cool air is dispersed, the low-pressure gas will be recycled back into the compressor coil, thus starting the entire cycle all over again.

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